Our Story

About Pocket Space

Pocket Space is a pioneer in manufacturing and developing modular private spaces – it is our sole focus as a company. Our privacy rooms install quickly… usually in one day or less… no need to tear up your office with an expensive, disruptive long term building project. Pocket Space can provide a peaceful productive environment for phone calls, video conferences, small meetings and work areas. Pocket Space Studios provide a silent retreat for uninterrupted work. Our rooms are customizable to be designed with your office in mind.

Pocket Space is a design centric, studio space provider of rooms for 1-20.  We create solutions with designer options for exterior and interior finishes, that are modular and easy to reconfigure and are quiet and simple to use.  Most of our raw materials are made from recycled materials and all of our products are Made in America. 

Our privacy pod provides a peaceful environment for phone calls, video conferences and a silent retreat for uninterrupted work. Our booth is designed with your office in mind. 

We offer:

  • Environmentally Friendly materials: Each one of our phone pods is made from 2,000 recycled water bottles.
  • Custom Orders: Tailor-made to match your preferences and specifications.
  • ADA-Accessible Entry, all our rooms are *ADA compliant. You will not find the need to “step up” to get into your room…all wheelchairs are welcome…roll right in please.
  • American-made creating USA based jobs and faster turnaround time.

*All our rooms have ADA compliant ½” high thresholds allowing easy wheelchair accessibility. All Pocket Space rooms can be configured to accommodate ADA turn around requirements.